You can fall in love
with someone before
you have fallen in love
with yourself. But I can
assure you that it will not
be the same. When I say
that you can fall in love
with yourself, I mean that
you can learn to love your
body in the same light that
your lover will. So go on,
don’t be afraid. Study your
curves like it was a textbook
that you never opened
until the night before your
final exam. Look at yourself
until you can no longer
see what you were searching
for in the first place. And
when that happens, look harder,
deeper, and longer. Look
at yourself like there is
a priceless treasure beneath
your skin. And even when you
find that goldmine, keep
searching. Because sometimes
even empty caves can hide
the most precious and rare
artifacts. So when I say
that you should fall in love
with yourself before falling
in love with someone who
does not share the same texture
of skin as yours, I mean to
experience that type of love
before someone can say
that was something they took
from you. So be ready, be willing,
and be cautious of what
is ahead. Because as long as
you know what you want, what
you deserve, and what
the true meaning of love really
is, you will never be stuck
inside of a pit that only consists
of darkness created by
someone who left when they
finally got what they
came here for in the first place.
— "What it means to love yourself," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

(via mostlyfiction)

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